Our Team

Natasha Ellison

Natasha Ellison is the project lead and a mathematical biologist working on patterns in nature, such as the patterns produced from the interactions of animals and plants. Natasha is a trained secondary school maths teacher and devotes a lot of time to engaging the public and schools with using mathematics to understand nature.

Fionntan Roukema

Fionntan Roukema is the teaching and learning advocate and the widening participation champion for the project. Fionntan brings an infectious enthusiasm for learning to the project and has fantastic connections with the primary school network in Sheffield. Fionntan dedicates a lot of his time visiting primary schools and enthusing the students to engage and be excited. about learning mathematics.

Aidan Hughes

Aidan Hughes is our software developer and a general engineer. Aidan is currently enrolled in a General Engineering Masters course specialising in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He has over 5 years of experience working in software development and 3 years experience as a full-stack web developer. He has helped develop websites in collaboration with Plus Group, University of Sheffield and Bank of England.

Alex Fletcher

Alex Fletcher is one of our mathematical biologists with research that directly influences the project. Alex is a lecturer working in mathematical biology. Alex uses mathematical models, including Alan Turing's equations, to help understand how humans and other animals grow to have the right shape, size and structure.

Nick Monk

Nick Monk is a mathematical biologist, who uses mathematical models to help understand how animals and plants develop, pattern, and grow. Nick’s research in Turing Patterns shapes the fundamental ideas of the project. Nick is particularly interested in increasing the profile of mathematics in biology through teaching courses for biologists.